The Finest Magic in Print
Act Two
Act Two
barrie richardson

Hermetic Press was founded in 1990, when Stephen Minch, after writing books on magic for seventeen years, decided to try publishing them as well. Throughout its history, the Hermetic Press has concentrated on producing books on Magic and Mentalism that are among the best in the craft—from contents to cover—at fair and affordable prices.

We take pride in offering the very best in magic from the most innovative minds in the craft, through books that teach and entertain with clear writing, careful explanation and professional illustration, all produced on acid-free papers in quality bindings.

Hermetic Press books consistently receive rave reviews from critics and readers alike, and more than a few have gone on to become standard texts and modern classics. We intend to continue in this tradition, as the books offered at this site will confirm. Thanks for stopping in and browsing around. We look forward to serving you.

Table of Contents

Introduction—Michael Weber

Chapter I: Winners All
The Thought Hatchery
Another World
Do Continue
Everyone a Winner
The Modest Memory Routine

Chapter II: Devilish Devices
The Ambiguous Coffee Can
The Legal Switch-pad
Devious Deck Switch
Lazy Magician's Memorized Deck
Double-Sided Peek Box

Chapter III: After Dessert
Solid Ghost Revisited
The Power of Touch
After the Dessert Thought Transference
Impromptu Psychic Matching
The Janie Test

Chapter IV: Money Matters
The Human Scale
But There's More!
Net Worth
Helicopter Coins
Dr. Faust Does a Miracle

Chapter V: Mind Excursions
The Tossed-out Magazine
Birthday Cards
Marble Memories
The Simplex Mind-reading Routine

Chapter VI: Magic and Metaphor
Giant Pairs Repaired
Letting Go!
The Impossible Knot Routine
Seeing with the Chinese Eye
The Unchecked Assumption
The Astonishing Rice Jar Suspension
The ABCs of Our Lives

Chapter VII: Card Deceptions
"My Card" Trick
Optical Brainwave Illusion
Bluff Card to Pocket
1-2-3 Card in Wallet
Out of My Sight, But in My Mind
A Mental Maguffin

Chapter VIII: Paper Chase
Business Card Center Tear
Post-It Note Center Tear
Eliminate the Negative
A Question is Answered
The Double Billet
The Devil's Peek
The Devil's Routine

Chapter IX: Super Mentality
Thoughts on the Memorized Magazine Demonstration
Fifty-two Cards in Succession
Synergistic Memory Demonstration
The Incredible Human Calculator

Chapter X: Aha! Think of a Card
Final Ecstasy
Psychic Poker
Impromptu Princess
The Blind Voice-detector

Epilogue: Reflections
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